Premodern Masters

What is this?

Premodern Masters is a custom limited set designed by Max Sjöblom, Sakari Castrén, Kim Valori & Aleksi Väänänen. The set is based around the Premodern format. Some cards have been shifted in rarity from uncommon to common, and so on.

How does drafting work?

The draft box contains 4x of each common, 3x of each uncommon and 1x of each rare. Additionally, there are a number of special lands that ignore rarity and have their own slot in each booster.

When drafting, 15 card packs are made out of the contents of the draft box, so that each booster has 1 special land, 1 rare, 3 uncommons and 10 commons.

How can I draft?

If you are interested in drafting this set, we have set up an online drafting simulator, where you and your friends can draft (or make sealed pools) together.

Open the Premodern Masters draft service

The service was built as a fork of the dr4ft project.

Coming soon: detailed guide on how to use the draft service.

Note: live vs. online

Due to the fact that Soraya the Falconer is not available on Magic Online, while doing online drafts, Aven Brigadier is used as a replacement for Soraya the Falconer.

What are the archetypes?

Each color pair has a somewhat unique identity which you are encouraged to draft around. But hey, anything goes, so go wild!

White & Blue: Birds!

White & Black: Clerics

White & Red: Cycling Control

White & Green: Enchantress

Blue & Black: Zombie Graveyard

Blue & Red: Stacking Spells

Blue & Green: Threshold

Black & Red: Goblins

Black & Green: Sacrifice Value

Red & Green: Beasts